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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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the woman crying for help.. we talked to one person today who was walking in the area at the time of the shooting who says it was disturbing that she wasn't able to help the woman pleading for assistance. (( anna briseno/witness: "i felt really bad. i really wanted to go but i mean it was for my safety.' "yeah i didn't know if somebody else was in there with a gun maybe." )) right now---there are more questions than answers in this case. police are working to figure out the motive behind the shooting. and there is no suspect in custody. ((mauricio marin)) police say there are some unusual circumstances they are looking into with this case. but at this time no description of a possible suspect has been released. of course if you know about this case anything call metro police or crime-stoppers. mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((michelle mortensen)) > police haven't released the name of the victim yet ... tomorrow./// ((michelle mortensen)) > those three escaped inmates from a maximum- security jail in california are now back behind bars. the accused convicts pulled off an elaborate escape from the
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one of the fugitives was caught yesterday ... but the last two were found this morning in san francisco.... after a woman walking by ... noticed something suspicious. (((sheriff sandra hutchens, orange county): "a female citizen approached the officers and pointed out a white van parked in a parking lot of whole foods market located at 690 stranion. officer approached the van as hossein nayeri fled the area on foot. a short foot pursuit ensued before nayeri was taken into custody by officers. the officers immediately turned to the white van and discovered the other escapee, jonathan tieu, hiding in the van. san francisco police department has confirmed the white van is, in fact, the same one stolen from los angeles that we believed they were driving and possibly living out of." )) ((michelle mtensen)) > the inmates were facing charges ranging from murd to attempted rder and kidpping. e investigation is now turning how the three escaped.ey are looking into alationship one may have hadth a a prison english teacher.e has been aested in nnection with thease.// ((michelle mortens)) > a bankrobber isnhe run tonight. lice ss thehe bank near mmerlin parkway and towncenter was robbed around 11 this morning. thankfully ... one was hurt but the f-b-i isw heading up thevestigati.///((michelle mortensen)) >and in north las vegas ... an early morning fire sends a man to the hospital. the blaze sparked at the mobile home near belmont and carey around 9 this morning. fire fighters got there quickly and had it out in 12 minutes ... but the damage was substantial.
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home is a total loss. the victim is at u-m-c and listed in extremely critical condition./// ((michelle mortensen)) > joining me now is our new weekend weather anchor tony smith. ((tony smith)) ((tony smith)) ((tony smith))
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pushing across the remainder of the area sunday night and monday. one more warm day today before temperatures begin to tumble through early next week. the very strong winds that impacted the owens valley earlier this morning have weakened except for the far southern portion of the valley between olancha and pearsonville. plan on keeping the high wind warning up until noon-- more on your forecast in about 10 minutes. remember, you can always stay connect with us by visiting m."> ((michelle mortensen)) > new details on two violent murders that happened this week 18 year old kishawn washington was shot and killed near cheyenne blvd. and civic center drive, thursday. north las vegas police tell us he was with a group of people hanging outside the apartment complex..... when a fight broke out and shots were fired.
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identity of the man stabbed to death wednesday night near st. louis and las vegas blvds. he is 41 year old vensant diaz. no arrests have been made but if you have any information please call crime stoppers./// ((michelle mortensen)) > ron futrell is next with sports --- super bowl fever has begun --- he'll have that, plus, rebel basketball highlights --- coming up next now, nevada's first
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rebels with a big game going on right now at the thomas and mack --- taking on san diego st. 30-27 axtecs lead at halftime steve fisher coach aztecs winston shepard working it inside for san diego state --- alley oop derrick jones junior with the slam patrick mccaw with the three --- nice outside jumper by steven zimmerman junior trouble here midway through the first half --- ben carter goes down with a left knee injury. ---- in a lot of pain --- left knee sprain 30-27 at halftime
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jersey for the ufc --- in the main event, anthony rumble johnson takes on ryan bader --- the winner here hopes to meet the winner of the jon jones - daniel cormier fight fot the light heavyweight champiopnship --- rumble johnson has done a great job coming back through the world series of fighting to put himself in position for a possible title fight. we are now only 7 days ------ until kickoff for superbowl 50
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tonight the superbowl fan experience --- i love this video because it makes it look like the la rams are playing in the game --- of course, that will happen next year, but this year --- but for this year, they will have the broncos play the panthers. the supewrbowl fan experience is actually a lot of fun --- i;ve been to a few of these and the star of the show is the lombardi trophy --- protected by a super security guard --- they keep it in glass, but let you get close to it and take a picture like it's the holy grail ---- meanwhile --- carolina panther fans are holding rallies almost 7 days a week, 24 hours a day ---- we thought we'd show you this one in north cariolina --- looks like cam newton showed up for this one --- also, i should day --- this rally looks a lot like the ones going on right now
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wearing orange and it's a little colder ---- but we don't have video of that --- if we get it, we'll break into programing or hold it for you until 11:00 --- by the way ---- this point spread keeps going up --- carolina now favored by 6 and a half points --- when the line first opened carolina was 3 and a half point favorites --- that means --- all the early money is coming in on the panthers ---i've heard some places say they are getting 90% panthers money right now. one place the money is not going right now is on johnny manziel --- more trouble for the cleveland browns young quarterback. manziel and his ex girlfriend were in ft. worth texas and she called the cops worried about him --- they went to her apartment --- coundnt find manziel so they sent the squad cars and the chopper out to look for him. eventually they found manziel and he was okay --- but another issue for manziel --- remember late in the nfl season he was here in vegas on a saturday when the bronws were playing the next
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going to play because he had a concussion --- he also got in a fight with this same ex girnfriend on a highway in ohio and cops had to come out. manziel has never been charged with anything serious -- but trouble seems to follow him these days. ((michelle mortensen)) > a neighborhood party for a good cause. the networking event that's giving some valley residents the inside track on up and coming businesses./// now, nevada's first
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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economy in the northwest part of the valley. that was the goal of the the centennial expo today. it featured 50 new businesses in the area. organizers also had plenty of food and entertainment on hand to create a family atmosphere and a sense of community. randy bridges centennial hills expo organizer (( we decided back in 2008 to put a community event together where we can bring business together and then invite the community residents and newcomers to the area, bring them together in once place and have a big, big party for them. )) ((michelle mortensen)) > tonight christine kramar from councilmen steve ross's office also
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centennial hills address to the community./// ((michelle mortensen)) > and another free event this weekend help locals who want to become a meanwhile a weekend workshop is helping some valley residents get on track to becoming u-s citizens. the free event held by the why wait? coalition assisted those who were eligible with the process of filling out the n-400.... the application to become a u-s citizen. and it was a huge turnout today. we talked to some local about the importance of events like these. . sot ((becky mojica (mo-hi-ca) "it's an opportunity election is coming i want to vote you know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you would be getting" )) ((michelle mortensen)) the workshop also provided each participant with legal assistance and access to financial resources in relation to the naturalization application fee./// (( police tell us that thieves can often be just a few minutes behind the delivery trucks. while police look for the
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december catching criminals red-handed channel locks, crow bars, even counterfeit master keys. criminals are getting into neighborhood mailboxes all kinds of ways )) ((michelle mortensen)) > a problem we've reported on multiple times over the past two months... is not going away. we're talking about mailbox thefts. and one neighborhood near sahara and hualapai has been hit several times in the last few weeks. patrick walker has the latest on the investigations. ((mailbox opening)) ((patrick walker)) waiving in the wind... ((mailbox opening)) ((margo erickson/discovere d compromised mailbox: "it's maddening.")) ((patrick walker)) these busted mailboxes are the most recent to fall victim to mail thieves in the valley. ((margo erickson/discovere d compromised mailbox: "this is not the first time this one has been broken into.")) ((patrick walker)) margo erickson discovered this one sunday morning. ((margo erickson/discovere d compromised mailbox: "i'm lucky it's not mine this time, that i have a new mailbox, and i didn't put my mail out in it, which was just silly stuff like birthday cards.")) ((patrick walker)) margo's mail box is actually up the street. although her box wasn't affected this time... she's been a victim of mail theft twice in the last 3 years.
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compromised mailbox: "it took them 3 weeks and they finally replaced the whole unit.")) we canvassed the neighborhood... looking for more busted boxes. it didn't take long to find them. ((patrick walker/reporting: "this is the third mailbox that we've seen that's been compromised in this neighborhood, usually they tear into the front of the box, this one's different, the thieves ripped the back open.")) ((ronald webber/mailbox compromised recently: "better they break into the mailbox than break into the house.")) ((patrick walker)) ronald webber uses this mailbox... and has had to get his mail from a post office over on rainbow for a few weeks. he says it's not the fact that it happened that bothers him... rather... it's the time it happened. ((ronald webber/mailbox compromised recently: "it just happened to be a bad time of the year, everybody's waiting for their tax information and paperwork.")) ((patrick walker)) the postal service says the best thing you can do to protect yourself is get your mail regularly. and if you're going to be gone... have your mail held at the post office. patrick walker... 8 news now./// ((michelle mortensen)) based on security camera footage... neighbors beleive the thieves were driving a white 2000's chevy or g-m-c van. if you have any information... call police. ///
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tony smith
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between olancha and pearsonville. plan on keeping the high wind warning up until noon. winds gusting in excess of 100 mph over the top of the sierra knocked a truck on its side and downed power poles in reno, triggering power outages ahead of a storm packing heavy snow. a winter storm warning was in effect through 10 a.m. saturday for the lake tahoe area, where 1 to 3 feet of snow is forecast in the highest elevations and up to a half- foot at lake level. the national weather service says sustained winds of 93 mph were recorded near the mount rose ski resort southwest of reno with gusts to 135 mph shortly after 11 a.m. friday. six power poles snapped along the highway linking south reno to tahoe, leaving more than 3,000 people without power friday afternoon. no one was hurt when the truck blew over between reno and carson city. the storm is expected to make its way to southern nevada
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trimmed back pops some across south central nevada the rest of saturday as latest models keep light precipitation mainly near the highway 50 corridor of central nevada. here's your forecast: tonight - a 10 percent chance of showers after 5am. mostly cloudy, with a low around 49. west wind 13 to 18 mph becoming light west southwest after midnight. winds could gust as high as 25 mph. sundayshowers, mainly after 11am. high near 56. light southwestind irsing 8 to 13 mph in the of precipitatns0%.nday night showers, inlyfore 5am. w around 43. uthwest wind 11 to 1mphcoming northwest afterdnight.nds could gusahigh as 20h.chance of precipitation is 80%. mondaya 20 percent chance of owers before 11am. partly sunny, with a high near.eezy, with a north nortestnd 24 to 28 h, with gusts as high as 41 mph.monday night partly cloudy, with a low around 34.eezy, th a north northwest wind 17 to 22 mph, with gusts as gh as 31 mph.esdaymostly sunny, with a high ar 49. esday night partly cudy,th a low aund 34.dnesdaysunn y, with a high ar1wednesday night mostly clear,th a low around 36.ursday sunny, with a high near 55.ursday nightpartly cloudy, th a low around 38. friday mostly sunny, ta high near 57. friday night mostly clear, withl od 40.turday sunny, with a high near.">michelle mortensen)) > the rld famous budweiserclydesdales made an appearance on the las vegas strip today. it was all to kick off the grand opening of the new beer garden at paris las vegas. the trot down the strip lead up
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park where the first keg was tapped. (( marilyn bethel local "we came out to see the glidesdales because we absolutly love them we live here and we leave them so we couldn't miss it")) ((michelle mortensen)) budweiser keeps their glidales in three locations around the u-s. this group came from fort collins colorado./// ((michelle mortensen)) > just how in the world did the earth get it's moon?... nasa scientists say they have an idea. and there clue comes from something the appolo astronauts found 40 years ago. ./// now, nevada's first choice for news, this is 8
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...? this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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((michelle mortensen)) > moon rocks brought to earth by the apollo astronauts more than 40 years ago.... are giving nasa scientist new clues about the origins of the moon they've been studying those rocks and say they have strong evidence now that the moon was formed from primordeal earth, and not from another planet that crashed into earth as they have previously theorized. the findings are published in the newest edition of the journal "science".///
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up tonight at 11... the countdown is on... to the first caucus of the 2016 presidential election. we'll look at the polls and see where the candidates stand. /// and calling to stop violence in the name of religion. the islamic leaders meeting here in the valley... to take a stand against terrorism. /// ((michelle mortensen)) > super bowl 50 is coming up next weekend! and 8 news now is giving away 25-hundred dollars on our special newscast following the game. all you have to do is head to our website lasvegasnow dot com and click on the contest banner. you can also sign up on our 8 news now facebook page. you can catch the denver broncos go head to head with the carolina panthers for super bowl 50 right here on february 7th right here on 8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) > that's it for us. we'll see you again for 8 news
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